Single girl in the city!

Things I have done since I am single again –

1)     I bought myself an I pod Classic, mind you, 160 GB, something I have been wanting for ages now.

2)     I have 8000 songs on the I pod and I have developed new taste in music from hip hop to Sinatra. I never go to bed without my I pod.

3)     I have read. Unlimited articles, unlimited books.

4)     I have dressed up and gone to a lovely dinner, had wine and pasta.

5)     I have had lazy Sunday afternoons with beer and omlette, and roaring laughter.

6)     I have started writing again, yes the words are flowing.

7)     I have noticed hot single men at the gym 😀

8)     I have bought myself my own laptop, my own camera and that just makes it three awesome gadgets I own including the I pod, which are just mine, not to be shared with anyone.

9)     I have shopped and shopped in the name of retail therapy and they are just my own things.

10)I have spoken to friends after years and felt warm in my heart because they have all recognized me at hello.

11)I have been to coffee and dinner with a guy friend, had intellectual conversations and I have not felt guilty about it at all.

12)I wear perfume every single day. Yes, I know it’s silly.

13)I dress up every single time I go out of the house.

14)I am traveling.

15)I have gone out for girly escapades in malls and bought stuff I liked for a change.

16)I had tea and breakfast served to me in bed by my friends.

17)I don’t have to worry about what other people will eat for lunch and dinner, I am my own slave. Only mine.

18)I watch chick flicks almost everyday. I hadn’t seen chick flick movies in ages. And my latest favourite one is Sweet Home Alabama.

19)I am invited to parties for who I am, and because I can hold conversations, not for being someone’s wife.

20)I went to the cinema after ages and i totally loved the feeling of popcorn melt in my mouth and hearing people hooting at cheesy hindi movie dialogues.

21)I painted my toe nails red.

22)I have fallen in love again. with myself.


4 thoughts on “Single girl in the city!

  1. “I took my friend out for lunch at the priciest restaurant in the city and did not complain once when the bill came”.. just a suggestion to your list! :p

  2. You also might wanna watch the movie “I am Sam”, “Sisterhood of Travelling Pants”, “Whatever Works”…and listen to The Cranberries 🙂

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