single mingle!!

Me to S on google talk – “Singledom is not really the bogeyman we are making it out to be ya!’

S to  Me – ‘Yeah, i know babes, i live the so called single life all the time!’

Me (shocked expression she can unfortunately not see on chat) – “But are you not seeing that guy for the last year and a half.”

S (with a rather matter of factly expression) to Me – “Eh, But thats the advantage of being in different cities. I get all the loving I need for a week, once a month. More than that honey, we would’nt be together.”

Me (with a lot of disgust and jealousy) to S – “Oh man! seriously!! you fu*k*** get the best of both worlds! God has some serious answering to do.” hrrrmmmfff!!


2 thoughts on “single mingle!!

  1. Hahahaha lol. Good one. Sorry to be a spoilsport but while the situation does seem like “the best of both worlds” it seldom is that easy! Weekend relationships are even harder to maintain!

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