My daddy Strongest!!

When I think of my dad, there are innumerable memories i can recall. I can go on and on about stories of love, care, affection, humour, angst.  All of these emotions, rolled into my childhood like coconut rolled into fine chocolate, the bounty bar, by far the yummiest chocolate – coconut combination. 🙂
Yes, so I don’t really need Father’s day to let him know how much I love him or declare to the world how I can trade my softy (this pillow i sleep with every night for innumerable years now) to keep him. My dad has been more than just the provider to me and mum. He is by far the closest friend, buddy, my mom can have. They go together like house on fire, (yes sometimes, there are fights and the house is on fire, literally 🙂 ), warm toast and butter, car and petrol :P, and yes, i can go on and on. So he has been the buddy, the care-taker, the provider, the punching bag, the ‘man who drives his wife and daughter to the mall’, ‘man who grins when daughter starts eating chicken again’, ‘he who’s sunday afternoon’s feel like vacuum without beer and friends.’
A few things that make my dad the toughest competitor in the “best dad’s” category in the WORLD :

He used to travel a lot when I was younger, so when he would come back home, I would run and sit in his lap and he would hug me tight and rub his beard all over my face 🙂
He would feed  me dinner, even if I am half asleep, because he couldn’t imagine me going to bed hungry. (Yes, the repercussions are that I still carry my baby fat 😛 )
He would host the grandest parties for my birthdays. I don’t remember a single birthday until i became an angsty teen who wanted to party with her friends to feel grown up, that he wouldn’t have made my birthday special.
He has always been more friendly with my friends and I can vouch they have more fun with him.
He would never ever forget to bring me the brown toffees and mints they used to serve in Indian Airlines, from all his travels.
I used to go to day school. I had morning school only on Saturdays. I can never wake up early in the morning. It is my biggest challenge. He would never force me to attend school on saturdays 🙂
He brought me my very first of everything obviously. 🙂 BUT i remember my biggest crayon set he bought me from USA in 1988 and that just made me the most popular girl in class. 🙂 Yes, i know I am not being modest, but I was six years old then 😀
Then he took me to Japan when I was eleven years old and made me the most popular girl again in class 😀 oh! I can never forget how my classmates hovered around me the first afternoon I attended school post trip. 🙂
He never screamed, shouted or held deadlines for me.
When I reached an age, that I could share footwear and clothes with my mom, he started becoming extra possessive about my stuff. AND when I am not home or traveling he will always keep a tab on what my mom has borrowed from my wardrobe so he can complain to me 😛
On my trip to Japan, we left our doggie Bozo, back home. And I made phone calls (international phone calls), which was very very expensive back then, just to hear him bark because I missed him too much. And my dad would religiously dial the phone home every evening at eight o clock so I could hear Bozo and sleep well at night.
He bought me expensive Indian dinner every evening when we traveled abroad 🙂 WHAT!! I am INDIAN! food MATTERS OK 😀
He has always been super supportive. I will never forget the expression of love on his face the day I got married or the expression of how much his heart hurt when it didn’t work well.
My friend P calls me Veronica Lodge with Betty’s heart. I love that. I guess it comes from my father.
He is a big man, with the largest heart possible. He will never look down upon people who don’t have enough. He has never forgotten his humble beginnings.
He could have gone away for international holidays every year on Diwali, but he chose to go home to our hometown, Jodhpur to see his parents because he knew they would wait to see him. 🙂 He chose family always.
I will never forget that early morning when I was eight years old that he rolled a little white and pink puppy in my bed to wake me up. 🙂 I was really scared of dogs before that cos I had been bitten by one 😦 I guess he bought Bozo home to help me understand how wonderful animals are. I am glad. I work for an animal welfare organisation today 🙂
He did not question me once when I chose the man I wanted to marry. He did not question me once when I chose to end it
On how he agreed to let me be alone in Bangalore after my relationship ended even though he didn’t agree with it completely.

I will never have words or my actions will never be enough to thank him for what he is or how much everything he has done means to me. He could have chosen to not bring me the brown toffees from his travels because he had business worries on his mind, or chosen to tell me to work at my  marriage no matter what, because society will question why his daughter failed at the most important relationship in her life. But he chose otherwise. And all I can say is I love you Papa with all my heart and my soul!
I shifted to Bengaluru after my break up and I started writing again. And I had written to my loved ones about how much life is changing and how the upside of  love will always take over the downside 🙂 And my dad wrote me this beautiful  poem.
He sent it to me by email and he is not as tech friendly so he sent it to me in the english script. So please pardon any language mistakes because I have used the gmail hindi script to translate. Any complains, you may write to google mail admin directly 🙂
गुजरे हुए सालों का हिसाब जब खुद से माँगा तोह,
ज़िन्दगी बगेर एहसास कराये,
समुद्र के किनारे की रेत की तरह हाथों से खिसक गयी,
यह भी अछा हुआ की तुमने आगे बढ़ने का कोई रास्ता खुला ही नहीं छोड़ा
तुम्हे मैं रोज़ कमजोर और हम्ज़र्फ़ समझता था,
लेकिन तुममे बहुत हिम्मत थी I
इतने नकाब पेहेन कर सालों गुजार देना कोई आसान काम नहीं,
हर सवाल सिर्फ तेज हवाओं से टकराकर फिर लौट आते है
सवाल गलत थे या हवाएं तेज़ उससे अब क्या फरक पड़ता है
मैं इस सारे माहौल मैं भूल गयी थी की मैं तो यायावार हु
स्थैव्था की परिभाषा खोजते खोजते मैं क्यों भूल गयी

की शायद पहाड़ धरती, आसमान, सूरज और चंदा यही तोह स्थायी है

चलो यह भी बहुत अछा हुआ की मुझे ठेहेरना पड़ा
मैं तो यायावार हु
मुझे तो समुन्द्र के पार तापू मैं जाना है
हाँ इस बार मैं फूल नहीं उगौंगी
अब तोह नई परछाई नया चेहरा और नए लोग अच्छे भी लगने लगे है
इस तापू मैं कोई ईसामसीह नहीं रहता
यहाँ तोह लोगों के चेहरे बेनकाब है
यायावर को फिर यात्रा की तैयारी करनी है
यह भी अछा हुआ की मैं अब भी बेनकाब हु

Happy Father’s Day PA!!


7 thoughts on “My daddy Strongest!!

  1. Dear Bachu.
    Thanks for being so generous towards me.I am neither as good as you have portrayed me nor I m as good writer as your translation has turned it to be.

    What I know is that you are the most pious and pure person I have ever met.And you know I know large no of them.

    I simply love you for what YOU ARE. AMAZING.

    The only thing I dont like in your Blog is you mentioned thyat You failed in marriage.
    This is not true.




  2. hey d gal wd d strongest daddy n smartest mommy…..u can never b a failure..lets leave dis word fr other guys..who truly r losers!!!u r were a winner,r a winner n will always b a winner!![repeated several times for effect]

  3. Beautiful…I can see where you get ur talent genes from 🙂 Three cheers to all dads and especially to uncle

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