Death and passing the parcel!

Ever since I have chosen the path of being single again, I have had several conversations with close friends regarding my new single status, the pros and cons of it, chewed their brains over nostalgia talks, midnight crying sessions, midnight snack sessions, friday night parties planned only so I can feel better. My close friends have always been there to listen, to bitch, to crib and to remind how there is so much more to life. So, this afternoon I was having this conversation with E.

Me to E – ” Love made me do it. love made him do it. is it so easy? can i just UNDO.”
E to Me – “Yes…imagine it never happened…Just believe you are where you were 8 years ago and that you have to make your decisions now.  The point is, everything is undoable, but our hearts and minds and habits won’t let us. Cynicism sets in babe.”

Me to E – (I am sure she was expecting more from the drama queen) – Hmmmm.

E (she never loses her patience when shes talking to me about stuff like this) to Me –  “Everything is in the here and now… whether you find someone new or no, is so not worth thinking about now. Ok. Imagine this, that you will DIE before you even find someone. Would it be worth knowing that you spent the last few months crying over something like this, or worry that it didn’t work out.”

Me (yes, I was all charged up and this conversation made a difference) to E – “I love you E. For reminding me that I could DIE tomorrow. 😛 and that I am wasting my life over something so not worth it.”

Okay, so on a serious note, I am thankful that E reminded me that I could die tomorrow and life is very very unpredictable. So what you don’t like about yourself or your life, it is best that you change. Someone reminded E that life is unpredictable and she stopped wasting her life.  She also passed it on to me. So we need to pass this to everyone who needs it. There are millions of people out there who think they are not good enough, who are working so hard in relationships and working so earnestly to make someone else happy. This is the time to let them know that they don’t need to prove to other people how wonderful they are. They need to just be happy with who they are. The first step to finding true happiness is truly loving yourself. For just who you are. For deciding that others will not have the opportunity or the right to have a silent auction of your emotions. It can take a minute for you to feel like your self-esteem is crashing at the speed of light. Do not give anyone that pleasure. E believes just being happy with yourself and helping others realise that they do not need to waste their life is when true closure comes to you. I so totally agree with her. And so, keep passing on the parcel of death 🙂 in turn, it only means your passing on a beautiful life to someone.

Don’t forget to tell someone today  ” Life is unpredictable, you could die soon! just be happy and do not waste your life”.


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