To the bottom my heart falls, like a withered flower on sand
To look for the illusion, my shadow once created
The ephemeral existence of my own laughter makes me haunted
The cold feel of the air, not gentle like zephyr, more like piercing wind
Blown away and fallen at the feet of strangers,
Their indifferent eyes, unable to read mine
Tearing me apart, from within, my heart
Is this a battle of choices or is it fate
Or is this just me v/s me
I walk towards the sun, so I can see my shadow never letting go,
Quiet as it might be, still says so much more
Its proof of my existence in nature, my mirror to myself
A reflection of my own being
Picking me up after that fall
Telling me to move on and the sun will rise
Is it just a fake promise my shadow makes, for it is indebted to the sun,
Like my soul is indebted to those who claim to make my life
The sun isn’t out, not the only reason for a cold day
Many years have followed before this loneliness crept in
But as I see this shadow, I know of something I possess
It is no one else’s but mine, my own to keep
It will be my sole protector, while I move on and fight the odds
Love may come and go, but my only, my shadow shall stay forever
Is this the indefinite strength within that makes an appalling announcement?
I must move on, even if it means to be born again,
No one said it would be easy, but my protector leads me
To the end of the rainbow, where the pot of gold I can see.


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