single girl and the scrapyard!

I was supposed to meet a few friends for dinner last night and it was an impromptu plan. So I grabbed what I could find from my closet (which was a simple black tee and my denim) and decided to dress it up with this awesome set of bangles I got from this wonderful boutique tucked in a nice corner of a beautiful restaurant in Bangalore. (girls – highly recommend 100 ft boutique for trinkets and boys – highly recommend 100 ft boutique for trinkets πŸ˜› ) Anyways, so then I rushed to the decided pub and did have a wonderful time with the guys.

So after a while of gossiping and sharing our “life is better in Bangalore”, “What the heck are u saying!! Delhi has opportunity” debates, I decided to show off my bangles. So there I was, using my left hand more prominently for everything I needed and of course like a drama queen, I had all the hand movements in place during conversations πŸ™‚ Then comes the moment!

N to Me – “What are those things you’re wearing in your hand?”

Me to N – “What!! Oh! my bangles! Aren’t they awesome? I love this combination of gold and wood!”

N to Me – (In between the conversation, N was also just pretending to listen to my retorts. He was actually singing Coming back to Life and enjoying old monk) “aah!! too noisy, they make too much noise, these bangles of yours” (Please note: the loud music in the pub did not count :O )

Me to N – “Yeah Right! what about all the bloody noise Pink Floyd is making”

N to Me – “WHATTTT!! that is MUSIC and you, YOU just sound like a scrapyard walking around cos of those bangles”

M, who was quiet through this conversation, almost oblivious to us, burst into roaring laughter.

Actually, so did I πŸ˜€ and as for N, he just continued singing coming back to life πŸ™‚


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