We wait all our lives to do things we would want to. Lovers wait to get married. Young couples wait to have children. Old parents wait for their children to visit. Pets wait for owners to get home. friends wait to have coffee with friends. Children wait to be picked up from school. People wait for weekends. Weekends wait for weekdays. This is just one of the many thoughts in my mind about waiting!


It’s me..saying all those things i might never repeat or probably tell anybody but you.i have you and i know what it means.sometimes i wonder if anybody else does…

It means so much!So much that there are things I might not do anymore..sometimes I think and I realize it means so much that there are things I wish I had done long back..so much that when u aren’t here I wish I could still share..so much more that I still want to live for.And you know what ,its all those little things that I want to live for.

There have been times when you ‘ve needed me and i havent been there though I would die to stay there.it was maybe my mistake that I didn’t make the time! maybe i was too sucked into my world, my own things to stress about, the distance, the time and the to do list for the next year…

When you aint here I miss not having to call you up at 2 in the afternoon,amidst all the traffic,chaos and deadlines–I don’t know..hearing your voice over all that noise..makes it all quiet..outside and inside.

I miss sitting with you and discussing every single thing on the earth from planning our wedding to what should I study next.it s just as simple.its like I marry you every time we discuss our wedding or change the venue…it isn’t our fault..the country we live in has too many of what you call cities.I would like to marry you many times–one single time wont do you any justice. And I sometimes wonder– dont you get tired marrying me every single week.

I think about going under the bridges of paris with you..and even for a moment I don’t fear that we wont make it.Its just meant to be. And for the first time when I sit alone and think about us..distance doesnt even come to my mind.It doesnt make a grain of a difference.

Ill do all of it,just to let you know I care and that these little things do make a difference.It’s just these things that actually make you n me..put together like a plus.. us!!

We are way beyond the simple relationship because when I walk down the road, I tend to think about us all the time..and I realise that with us it’s not the big things that we yet havent done..its just those little things that we have!!

They are still waiting to get married. Still waiting to go to Paris. Waiting.


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