Things I love about being single!

Ever since I have been single again, there is this feeling of being liberated in my head. Yes, I know it sounds really silly, but I can also be sure that people who have been through this will vouch for that feeling and sense of freedom you get in your head. The new high, always on the edge just like I describe it, your first glass of wine at seventeen.  Being single definitely has its advantages.  There’s more freedom, less responsibility, and no one but yourself you are a slave to.

And now the things I love about being single:

  1. Freedom! Stay out as late as you like, answer to no one, and your only commitment is to fun and being happy and perhaps a hangover after a wonderful party with friends. You don’t have to worry about getting breakfast and lunch in order 🙂
  2. There’s more time to better yourself.  Whether due to necessity or convenience, single people tend to exercise more and generally take better care of themselves. You always have time and motivation to get to the salon and get the new hair-cut and body polish 😛
  3. If you’re capable of being alone and I don’t mean this in a rude way, it is just that I have known friends who have gone from one relationship to another overnight. Yes, sometimes the fear of being lonely can definitely do this. So if you evade being the type that jump from one person to another, you will know that you have actually found the time to turn yourself into who you wanted to be. Not someone you were trying to be just because your partner liked you that way. It is like tuning the FM to the perfect music channel 😀
  4. You will work towards looking for someone exceptional, which only means less compromise and more loving for yourself.
  5. There’s more time for hobbies and personal interests. You can finally take the dance class you have wanted for ages, you can paint at three in the morning and you can experiment with all those ingredients and exotic vegetables in the kitchen.
  6. You can spend time at work without feeling guilty that someone waiting for dinner or that you cannot make it to the movies this weekend. YOU don’t have party if you don’t want. You can actually chose staying at work and not feel bad about it. This is a big deal for people who want to do something with their career.
  7. You don’t have to always go the party or dinner with one guaranteed friend. One partner. You can actually choose where you want to go with whom. Which in turn means, you have the correct company for the correct party because you choose them 😛 Imagine going to watch sex and the city with a friend whose idea of fun is paintball.
  8. You can catch up with all your friends, join them on their travels and invite who you want over when.  Usually, when you are in a relationship, you tend to lose touch with friends who don’t get along with your partner. It is just like a default button. But when you are single, you can have fun with friends, just your own gang.
  9. Every hot person at the gym or the mall is actually a prospect 🙂 Yes, sometimes you will get introduced to people and you will live the next three days feeling happy about meeting someone new, until you bump into them at the restaurant with someone else. But you learn and also realize that someone else is about to come around. And the euphoria just totally takes over the stress.
  10. You don’t have to always come home to someone. You have your own space and as you move on in life, you just realize how important it is to be in touch with yourself.


2 thoughts on “Things I love about being single!

  1. I totally loved this peice.. Finally K, your blog’s up…after holidays, I need to tell my friends about it too…keep up the writing. We enjoy the reading 🙂

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