Sometime in the middle of the night,
I thought I was losing my mind,
The drumbeats were rolling somewhere in the distance,
The resounding beats of the horses’ hooves scared my wits out.
The beats rose to an ear-shattering crescendo,
The smell of wine lingered in the air,
They danced and danced and danced till they dropped dead.
They screamed and laughed like the wanton wind,
Their chants seemed sinister and their laugh, like Satan’s laugh.
Their fire leapt up angrily as if to singe heaven,
Their white dresses flowed wildly all around them.
And then they heard the thunder,
The priest dressed in a crimson robe turned his face skywards.
The rain fell in big sudden drops,
It doused their fire,
The horses ran away into the wilderness,
The drumbeats faded away,
Their chants now couldn’t even harm the sharpest ears,
The air now smelt of the rain and the pure, virgin earth,
And I went back to sleep.
The raindrops falling pit-pat on the tin roof seemed like a lullaby,
I prayed that the night would be over soon.


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