Tears Submerged

The deep corners of my mind,
Somewhere lost somewhere found,
I feel the wind in my face,
As I look for change,
It’s getting darker,
Will rain burst now…

Starry nights dont appeal,
Sunny days piercing my skin,
I wish it would rain..
The thud of my heart,
Falling deeper, losing my grip..
Somewhere im losing my mind,
Still like raindrops..

I’m found yet too lost,
I’m alive, yet im dead,
I want to laugh yet I weep,
I want to mourn, yet I dance,
I want to embrace, yet I refrain from touch,
I break down, yet I heal.

Yes, I heal, like the rain…


4 thoughts on “Tears Submerged

  1. d words r flowing to only submerge me deeply n my own tears
    tears very ssalty frm d bitterness of my heart
    my salty tears falling on my wounded heart
    very biting very piercing just like my thoughts wanting to go astray for only once
    only once to stab someone with my bare hands
    n yet have all cheer me n me be in a state of high
    a state of sheer contentment !!

    1. I truly wish him luck. Not because I am an awesome person. But sometimes, its just easier to forgive others when you realise you are the stronger person. Dont be so angry. It will only hurt you. People who are the predators, often just walk away after creating the wounds.
      Love you lots.

  2. Someone in church once got up and said into the mike, “Dark clouds bring rain” – This has stayed with me for 2 years. I don’t know why. And I don’t even know if it makes any sense, but your post made me remember it, and like everything, I passed it on 🙂

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