I am…

I am not on sale, for you to auction my emotions;

I am not some left-overs, for you to pick me up and
throw me in the garbage, like dinner you didn’t like.

I am not owned by you for you to turn around and tell me

it doesnt work anymore.

I am my own person. I am God’s chosen one.
I am, everything you would want to be. I am everything you can never achieve. I am the best thing that could have happened to you. I AM ME!


16 thoughts on “I am…

  1. I like that its so crisp and direct, to the point! 🙂 gets te message across more effectively
    Does he read ur blog? Ths should definitely dent his stupidity…

  2. Completely relate to all that u wrote. I love myself the most and this allows me to love everyone else, people who dont value relationships probably don’t love themselves at all.

    1. True Priya di. I have said this in my previous posts too.That it is so much easier now for me that I love myself much more. It has made me feel worthwhile and I in turn have been able to create an honest bond with all the people I truly love.

  3. K, very genuinely written. I always love reading everything u write. I’d say this would not be to put anyone down, it would be to value yourself more 🙂 hope ur enjoying America.

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