Growing up or growing old?

When I was younger, I used to believe I will never find the answers to my questions. If I was in a situation that would hurt me or that seemed uncomfortable, I would start believing that that is how it is going to remain. All I had in my mind at that point was, is this how it will be? can it change?do i have to live with this forever? It seems like time never passes by… Words like hope, love, care, concern, change did not really find a way into my dictionary.

I trusted people too easily. I always do. And as I started learning about life, the word naive took over. People started calling me naive for being the way I was. I would take people at face value and yes sometimes I would hate myself for not listening to the right advice or assuming everyone is honest. But I never really let the hurt take over. I was hurt yes, but it did not stop me from being who I am. I cannot however, stop being who I am so I have a life with a glass shield from emotions like hurt, anger, or even pain.

Dreams come in all packages. Sometimes they just come in when you don’t expect them to. Sometimes they come differently wrapped than what you wanted or expected them to be. They come in all shapes, all sizes. Some candy like sweet, some salty and some lemon like sour. But it is the dreams that make you realize who you are. It is these dreams that have made me who I am today, I have my arms open and I wait for a new dream each day. I guess you do start getting the answers as you grow up. Those questions I was taking about, the ones I had in my head when I was younger, they are now taken over by answers in candy-wrapped words like change, hope, love, strength, character, identity, being and some such. I guess I am growing up.


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