The magical fabric of life has been woven around my heart lately. It came in very late. I seeked, it evaded. But not anymore. It has finally arrived at my heart’s doorstep. It has sort of made me a wax poet. Everything I do or think of somehow has a lyrical tune going through it in my head. I think of old friends and smile. I think of how many people I have randomly collected on my way here in this life. And how this woven fabric has each one of them, breathing into it like soft thread through a needle eye. I have started connecting again. With myself and with those I love. And they can hear it in my voice they tell me.

My past was what it was. It was but it was not. It certainly wasnt what I had set out to do or anywhere near what I thought I was going into. It was not what it was meant to be. I guess my own expectations tricked me. My own disappointments took me over and I was anxiety’s fool. It was never a plan to set out to do it. But it was foolish, silly, but I guess love just makes you do it.

Love who you are. Love what is. I  might take time but I shall heal for sure. For this magical fabric of life is taking over.


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