life wrapper!

I did not know that –

moving out/changing life would be such a big deal
that it would have such an impact on all the people I love and the those who love me in return
that even my doggie I had to give away must have been stressed out
my whole idea of comfort would change
I would sometimes feel agitated with all the newness of this phase
that a new bed to sleep in, a new house to live in would mean a whole new life style
pending work from that phase would make me agitated
the first thing I will forget about my past would be the smell of his perfume or the way he smirked
there are entirely too many details to think about in my own life
not thinking about my own future and life now makes me anxious
there are simply not enough hours in a day for me to cope with my dreams
spending time with my favourite people would still be the same across thousands of miles
how much I missed my own space until I walked away from his
how long it would take me to get used to my own space, but then it just seems like it’s my own now
my to – do lists now have the right priorities and saving animals is what I want to do for the rest of my life
that I would love drinking diet soda with lots of ice and not have my sinus hurt
that I would learn to make peach pie and eat salad for dinner
that I would travel across the world myself and actually love it
that I would do well at work and be appreciated for something I was told time and again I did not really have
that even after all this, I still have my faith in love and relationships intact

Yes, this life, I love!


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