Freeindependence – my word for doing what I love, the way I want to, when I want to and how I want to!

In between a conversation with A about life’s current happenings, I mentioned to her about my approaching wedding anniversary next week. It doesn’t really matter now. For one, I am not married to him anymore. For two, its not really a day for celebrating  what was once supposed to  be the most pious relationship I would ever have with anyone.  But its complicated because legally, it is still my wedding anniversary.

Me to A – “Everything is super cool babe, between saving animals and learning to live this new life, I love it all. Except, next week is my wedding anniversary.”

A to Me – “No no no, next week is nothing! Only Independence Day! Always remember that!”

It is sort of weird. I never did give that enough thought until last evening. Next week is Independence Day for my beloved country India. She and myself, we have one thing in common – We are truly free!

I have been thinking about this new found freedom. And how it rolls into an entire fresh perception about everything around you. How this new found eagerness to dance like a butterfly above the recently found green pastures matters so much and how it feels like someone just replaced your old heart with a brand new one.

Independence, Freedom, autonomy, lack of restrictions, self-determination,choice, free will, sovereignty – these words are life to me now!

Hey you, once upon a time lover, friend, husband Thank you! For setting me free!

Happy Freeindependence Day!


2 thoughts on “Freeindependence!

  1. khuba, coming back from a bad day at work, this makes me feel so good! thanks for the continuous ‘soul curry’! 🙂 muah!

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