A fair thought!

Ever since I have come to America, and made friends here, I have so often heard them telling me how much they love the colour of my skin. I have had friends telling me how we as Indians have taken the best skin colour on earth. My girlfriends here want brown men so they can have children with coloured skin 🙂  It is funny to have these conversations, specially when I come from a land where people are obsessed with fair skin. Over happy hours, we often have conversations about how they don’t get brown skin even if they try tanning themselves and how they die for coloured skin. When I go shopping with my friends here, they always feel that clothes and shoes look better on me simply because of the fact that I am brown!

I was thinking about this and recalled something I had written long back about India’s obsession with fair skin.

This was written ages ago when I was back home. It is so ironic to be in a land where brown is in!!

Walking through the streets of Ahmedabad, a place which is familiar with fashion but doesn’t quite make its own trends (except for the highly Bollywood influenced youngsters who often believe they are original), I come face to face with a French woman in a random store with a tanned dark skin and bright lipstick. I overhear her trying her luck and asking the person on the other side for a tanning lotion. Ironic isn’t it? tanning lotion in a land full of brown people. So she feels dark is in eh? But aren’t you supposed to be all fair-skinned, and the fairer you are the prettier you are. And if you have light eyes, babe what else do you want?

In India, whether we like it or not, we have a fixation with everything international. you see, foreign nationals are most wanted.(in a positive way). and it surprises me sometimes that there are Indians who go abroad and come back either golden-haired, big breasted or with fairness creams to make them feel at home in their own country. fairness has by nature been a big attribute to judging a person’s look in India. sadly. There is a huge fairness industry thriving and luring young people. even boys. yes, I have a friend who once did research from work regarding fairness creams and their popularity amongst youngsters, and hey, men use it more often than women. more percentage of men use their fairness cream before starting their daily grind.

I somehow differ with the whole fairness complex. I wish youngsters would understand how irrelevant color of skin is in today’s world. How important it is to be your own person, to see your own dreams and achieve them. To stand by your loved ones and to stand by your rules in life.

I wouldn’t say using a fairness cream is the biggest crime on earth. it’s not. After all lets admit, its only a bloody cream. but what I wouldn’t want is young girls pinning hopes of finding the correct guy after a six-week application, or a young man becoming an actor after precisely like I mentioned six weeks. Now that’s what I don’t agree with. And as these creams suggest, please let me make it clear, being dark does not in any way imply not being happy. And as far as the creams are concerned I’m sure they leave girls with shattered self-confidence and no love for themselves. So don’t follow the rubbish they advertise about how life is all beautiful post the application. Trust me, you can find the wrong man or the wrong job even post application.I have known classmates with issues with their skin colour. They not only don’t love themselves, thanks to this issue, they move on in life with fewer friends, low self – esteem and look at their skin as a game of fate.

So, in a land of amazing diversity in terms of religion, races, culture and color, fantasizing about everyone having nearly the same complexion is like asking everyone to take dancing or animal advocacy as their profession. The output I guess would be potential disaster. So as they say, life is not always fair baby, but we still look forward to it and love every moment, don’t we?


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