Five lives, five people!

I hope to write more about them. Maybe one day I will have a plot interesting enough to keep them alive for an entire book!

It is an unusual morning for a weekday. I can smell the rain somewhere. The cool breeze caresses my cheeks as my soft curls feel light. The sun’s absence is not the only reason for a cold day. My heart has been wandering since he whispered those last words in my ear. I am unable to let go of the fact that life has changed so much. I look around to see known faces. I don’t see any. I can’t find any. They look like strangers. He looks like a stranger. I tell myself how calm I need to be. I need to take control. I can hear his voice as I walk through people and see my mother’s bare hands and bleeding heart. Will she ever be the same?

Dad passed away six months ago. Life is unfair, I had noticed. What I missed is that sometimes it looks straight in the face and surprises you with a bang when you are about to go to bed after a perfect day. I am Tilotima.

It is a usual morning for a weekday. Life has brought about a sea change in me. So much that I can’t tell one morning from another. So much that even the rain and thunder don’t make this day different. Things have changed but they are standstill. Sometimes I wonder if I am the only one who has experienced change, a state in which life doesn’t move forward or backward. At 32, I am everything I don’t want to be. I am lost, unemployed, and lonely even between crowds of people I have known all my life. The breeze is piercing through my face as I stand here and have a cup of coffee, the taste of which I left behind long ago.

I have lost a sense of direction and I am partly to be blamed. Being the youngest in my family, life has always been more than fair and given me more than my share. Strangely though, Life is unfair, I had noticed. What I missed is that sometimes it takes away a lot more than you can give because it has given you more than you deserved before time. I am Vikramaditya.

It is such a usual morning for a weekday. It’s about to rain. The weather doesn’t make me so happy. The last time I smiled was when we had kissed in the rain. His gentleness surprised me every single time we kissed. I am a hardcore romantic. The lack of romance in my life currently is not the only reason I don’t like the rain. It spoils my shoes. And nothing should ever happen to my Jimmy Choos. I believe clean shoes are an indication of ones personality. I love clean shoes, good smelling men, make up and shampoos. I love to dress up and paint my nails. I love to shop. Im not a shopoholic. You can call me a compulsive buyer. I slog like a dog so I can acquire my desired list of new things every month. So I can test the new sunscreen and I can smell beautiful when I go clubbing.

I love my life. I love the fact that I sleep in satin sheets, have the closest friends and can travel the world when I want. But, Life is unfair, I had noticed. What I had missed in my three years with him was that make up and Jimmy Choos will not fill the void of his absence. I am lonely. I am Naintara.

It is an unusual morning for a weekday. It is raining. The thunder hits my head as I wake up and walk to the window. I love the rain. I always have. Even on the saddest days, it’s only made me smile. It’s made me want to run away and disappear in the raindrops. It has always been that way since I can remember. It has been a difficult journey. At 23, I have lived in four houses, had five people taking care of me, not had a hot meal served to me for as long as I can remember. These are just a few reasons I am who I am. I am fiercely independent. I am non-conformist. I have dated six men since I am 16, but I have never crossed my own boundaries. My appearance doesn’t suit who I am within. I am warm, conventional and I have passion. I am not religious.

I love being with people. My need to connect comes from my lack of connection at home. I love my friends more than I love my parents and I don’t shy away from the truth. Life is unfair, I had noticed. What I didn’t notice was that my parent’s individuality and their weaknesses have taken over. They freed themselves from their choking relationship. They forgot, they confined me while doing so. I have agreed upon my fate and decided I will not live in their weaknesses forever. I am Ayesha.

It is a usual morning for a weekday. There is nothing new or unusual about the morning, but the rain. It is the smell, the feel, the cool breeze. It is everything intermingled. My feelings and the rain. They are intermingled like the umbilical chord. This is partly because it rained the day I was born. I feel it is important to acknowledge my birth. How else can I pay off the labour pains my mother went through for 32 hours. Excruciating pain for I was going to arrive. I have always been that way. I have always made sure that people know when I arrive. I don’t let anybody underestimate my presence; I don’t let myself forget my importance.

I am in love. With myself. I don’t need people to make me feel important. I have a dog for a support system. He fills the gap really well. This really wasn’t my life. Like any other average Joe, I got married to a woman I fell in love with. I realized much later I had married the wrong person. Life is unfair, I had noticed. What I had missed in all those years of being married to her and having three daughters was the fact that I had never loved her. I was in love with her brother. Unlike the day, I am unusual. I am Zaakir.


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