What really is it? This, Love!

Just a few passing thoughts!

Does it mean sacrifice and pain?

Does it mean giving away and no gain?

Does it mean bleeding hearts or

Does it mean dancing in the rain?

Does it bring ecstasy and laughter?

or warm hugs wrapped around

on cold nights

Does it bring the feeling of being home

on lonely nights?

Does it mean prancing in joy for other

people’s achievements

Does it mean giving someone a flower

when he is down in the pits?

Does it mean bringing home a lost dog?

Does it mean clearer weather after a lot of fog?

Does it mean holding hands tight

or choosing stars in each others names?

Does it mean kissing under trees

or fluttering like honey bees?

Does it mean sharing your bar of chocolate

when you are all of eight

or does it mean holding each other tight

like you are the light of each others life?


One thought on “What really is it? This, Love!

  1. When heart is open and there is no coming and going, and the answers to the questions don’t matter much, when habitual truthfulness takes over, when the strangers appear your own brothers and sisters, when your silence is comfortable, when your life is easy, when its light in the dark, when you won’t demand of your lover, but give without thinking the consequences, when mistakes are forgiven, when anger is forgotten, when ego won’t take the names of self respect, when the heart understands the echoes of the soul, when respect of the lover takes importance more than your own respect, when you can say that i am wrong and you are right, when you can wait, and not hate the one who is making you wait, when the mind is free of clutter, when silence makes its way inside, when words written, spoken, or thought of will easily be forgotten, when what Jesus did will become more important than what country Jesus was born in, when there’s peace, not pieces.

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