When I meet you…

When I meet you I do not expect you to sweep me off my feet. I thought he did that. But he slipped faster and harder than I expected. Just when I thought, we had reached the right balance in life, he slipped. He did sweep me off my feet and make me feel on top of the world, but it was temporary. I wish you do not sweep me off my feet. I only wish when I do find you, my soul mate, you will hold my hand and walk the entire way.

When I meet you, I do not expect you to buy me flowers every day. I don’t expect you to bring me lilies and carnations to decorate the glass vase we picked up from the corner store. I expect you to plant trees and shrubs in the back yard with me. I expect you to sit there in the rain and sip hot coffee while our eyes meet and smile.

When I meet you, my soul mate, I do not expect you to stop meeting old friends. I love my old friends and remember, they have been there longer than you. So I expect you to be genuine and caring about them because I will do the same for people from your past.

When I meet you, I don’t expect solitaires for birthdays and cars for anniversaries. I expect you to have the energy and hunger to travel the world with every single penny we save. I want to go scuba-diving and snorkeling and travel to every corner before I head to heaven. I expect you to come along. Of course, not to heaven  🙂 silly, just all the wonderful places we have to see on earth!

When I meet you, I expect to spend hours and hours talking about various things from around the space and spend weekends reading in bed or chasing our dogs around the house. If you don’t love dogs, too bad!! It ain’t gonna work out!

When I meet you, I expect to spend some evenings going to a nice dinner, all dressed up and discuss how lovely life is over wine and pasta! Some evenings, we can chill and eat noodles over a road side stall.

I don’t expect you to spend all your time with me, soul mate, but I do expect to know once in a while how happy you are to have me in your life. I want us to listen to a love song on the radio and burst into a spontaneous dance to tell each other how lucky we are.

I don’t expect you to make me dinner and clean the house and share the duties at home. I just expect you to eat dinner with me.

When I meet you, soul mate, I don’t expect you to imagine how I want my life to be. I don’t expect you to know what I feel when I feel it or do exactly the thing I want. Imagination is a dangerous tool and it can be worse if it’s mixed with expectations. I have seen in the past about how things go wrong when you are not honest about what your heart holds. I might not know you want a hug on a tiring night. I just expect you to come and look at me. I will wrap you in my arms for as long as you want to be there. I write this to you so you know love is over rated. When I meet you, it is not going to be like a movie. It is not going to be so darn perfect that it doesn’t seem real at all. There will be some really tough times. And it is in those times that I will expect you to stand up for us, to hold on to the flag of love we have hoisted and be my back while I am yours. Because if we do not live through the worst together, there are little chances that we have the capability of living the best together 🙂

I have had the whole “you don’t live up to my expectations”, “you don’t get what I want to say”, “you have no idea how much I try and how do I explain what I want from you” in my past relationship and I just think its simplest when you say what you want than really expect the significant other to know what you feel and need.

So soul mate, I need you to know

I want to hold hands; fingers interlocked and lie with my head in your lap some mornings

I want to laugh and laugh until we drop dead on the couch

I want a bear hug in the morning and I would like that a lot more than you bringing me coffee in bed. I would definitely prefer a hug and a kiss over you making breakfast

I want you to understand why I love my parents so much and I don’t expect you to entertain them if you don’t feel like it some evenings, but I do expect you to understand that they will be a big priority on my life’s time sheet

I want you to know that I love animals and there are days I love them more than humans and it might be a possibility I show more love to your dog than your parents, but really, I will respect and love them too 🙂

I love my colourful socks and I wear them to bed every night. It would mean the world to me if you picked me the cutest socks you spotted at a store rather than diamonds

I love my pillows and I might hug them more than I hug you at night, but it would only mean I am that comfortable to share the bed with you

I always find food on other peoples plates more tempting than my own. There might be evenings when I order something and don’t like it and eat all your dinner. If you love me enough, you might eat mine, or you can also order something else. But then it is possible I will like that something else more than your current food I am eating 😀

It doesn’t end here. This just means that I have a low concentration level and I am beginning to get bored drafting this and so this is where I end it. Someday, I might just write more about what I want to do and what my dreams are about being with you but until then, I will keep looking for you.


One thought on “When I meet you…

  1. my darling babes..He will send dis person to you very soon n life will b much rosier than you expect!!give life a chance……..

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