Sands of time

As I walk down memory lanes,

I think of old times when everything within stood still

All we could hear were chimes in the distance

Now heartbeats run harder

Feel the heat of the terror beating

And a sudden sense of the past that left us

Glimpses of what was once the very best

I look up at the sky and see the drops fall down

See the layers of coldness and puddles

that reflect my damp-water life

storms of feelings, they bring in a lot more tears

Bleak cold raindrops, they roll down my face

It’s tough to tell tears from their pace

Destiny is what I had settled for

No more, no less

I am not plaything for the angels and the demons

I will rise and shine for that is meant to be

Justice of this life

Perhaps it may take time

For me to let go and uncover myself

From the scattered debris of emotions

But one day it will be done with

And the sliver of moon will shine

With all its glory it will kill all the pain

Shine through the mist and

give a new meaning for

a personal paradise is something

I seek.

My hopes might have been washed ashore

But I gather them once again

With all the pride I have

And walk away to smile

I caress the new ground and sing from my heart

For God is on my side

As I begin the whole new start!


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