Friends and bargains!

Sometimes close friends can say the warmest things in life to you in the funniest ways and make you smile and feel worthwhile!

I was telling P about how I find this attention from men fascinating but also, sometimes, its funny because I am still not used to the entire feeling of being single you know. You often forget that you are single when you have been with someone for a really long time and suddenly you decide to choose different paths. And so all the sudden attention from people of the opposite sex liking you can be a weird feeling!

So he turned around and said I should just stay single for about ten years and then think of having a relationship. And also, there was some bargaining in the entire conversation where he finally thought seven years of being single should not be a bad deal and I should just then be ready to deal with another man. I was still arguing about how stupid the whole concept is and how he is a doofus for thinking I should be single for ten years from now and how he was being mean and how he doesn’t understand me and all of it. I rambled on and on about how he is being ridiculous and I dont agree with him.

And then came the most unlike P dialogue that melted me. He said “For f*&ks sake Khubs,  I am determined to save you a bucket full of heartache…”

I am glad I have friends like him. And yes, I am definitely not planning on being single for ten years 🙂 I will see the signs when its the right time to find him 🙂  Until then, these friends of mine, they will continue amusing me!


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