With myself!

Dearest all,

The answers to the many questions all my loved ones have as to why I choose to live alone at a time like this in my life, why I chose a path I did and why I still love being the immigrant in my heart! Why it is not just a phase. I might come back from time to time, but I will never give up this journey to find myself. I am meant to be the traveler, the immigrant, the refugee, clearly with no land of refuge. I will seek forever for that is me!

I found this link and I wanted to share it with everyone. So often we have so much to say, but we can never put them in words. I stumbled upon this video on a friends wall and I think its beautiful.It holds the essence of why it is so important to do things by yourself. I have recently found out how being alone is not the bogeyman we make it out to be and how it is not a judgment of who we are. I hope you enjoy the video!

love, me!


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