Comedy in the name of friendship!

In the past few months, I have had several conversations with my friends about how one day the right guy will come along and how it will all be fine again. The usual conversations would end in conclusions like how this is a journey about being myself and when I am done being myself and I know who I really am, the right guy will come along and love me just for who I am and not someone he sees me as.

The other usual responses are about how the right guy is round the corner and he is going to be the soulmate and he is going to be someone who I  never ever looked at as the right guy. These responses always surprise me. But nevertheless, I think each friend of mine is trying to make me feel comfortable in their own unique way.  Usually we end up in this direction when I steer questions like Will I find the right man again? Will I ever trust again?

So the most serious and warm responses I get are from my loving girlfriends. They always tell me to hang in there and that love will come back.

Then there are the protective responses from some of my guy friends. These boys I have almost grown up with.  And from them I get responses like “Sure you will Khubs, you just need to be single for the next ten years”. “Of course you will, but the man has to first pass my test and I am telling you Khubs, my test involves REAL knuckles and REAL balls”

But I have had two really funny responses specifically on this one 🙂 and they come from my guy friends. Again close guy friends I have known over the years.

The first response that made me laugh went like this –

Me to A – Do you think I will find the right guy?

A – “Well, first love yourself. Then love the guy who hates you the most amongst all the new people you will ever meet in life now. No he isn’t the one. You will surely find his best friend. And yes, hes the one.”

Response two that made me roll my eyes with surprise –

Me to R -“I don’t think being single is that sad you know. Of course I wish I can find the right man one day.”

R – “Yes! of course you will find the right man ya! But its good to be single a while man!! Besides aren’t you just bored sleeping with the same man for four years man!!”

🙂 Life has thrown so many perspectives towards me through this phase and I am only glad I am standing here with open arms. I love all my friends dearly. In life we often never tell people how much we love them for we believe they know. I dont forget to tell my friends how much I love them.

And just one more time, to all you guys, I lob lob lob you 😀


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