Men, women and ambiguity!

Have you ever had a friend or known some girls over time to understand how they love to portray that we are damsels in distress and we were really brought down on earth to have men as slaves. The kind who believe that feminism is all about fighting for equal rights and justice but not getting your ass out of a problem yourself. The kind who want everything to be the same for both genders but cannot get themselves home alone at night for the fear of being robbed or traveling alone. I recall a friend I had in the past.

She was this strong woman, appearance wise as well as a person emotionally. Most of the time I knew her, she would often give out cold vibes, as to not be affected by most happenings around her. She was a feminist by thought. She believed she deserved equal rights just like the male gender and thought it was unfair that we as women were looked upon as the weaker sex. Unfortunately for her, the same girl could never get home at night alone. She always needed men to drop her. She didn’t drive a car. She loved men paying attention to these details. She expected her husband to run the machine at home and cook, but she also expected him to wait for hours outsider her office while she finished work for the day. Because she did not drive. Honestly in my understanding, she shouldn’t be worried about feminism since she needs to start with the basics in her own life. Learn to drive the Goddamn car, lady!!

These kind of women surprise me. I have known many such women in the past. One more lady I knew had just the entire feminism idea screwed up. She believed that her rights were more important and feminism was all about making sure the man who loved her suffered to make her realize how important she was to him. She seemed sadistic to me. She made me sick now when I think of her. I feel sad for men who cannot somehow control their emotions and fall in love with such women. Such a waste of good men!

I wish people (specially women) could stop assuming that feminism is in these things. Who made dinner how many times at home and who ran the machine or took the dog for a walk? There is a reason why we are women and we wouldn’t want to be the man. Trust me. We all love chivalry somewhere don’t we? Let’s be honest. Who doesn’t like having the door opened to them or being driven by a protective man back from a party?

I am perfectly capable of living this life where I can handle myself and get myself out of a problem if I am stuck in it. I don’t need a man to take me home or run my machine or walk my dog. But really it doesn’t make me a man. It just makes me normal, capable and in charge of my whole life. Point to be noted is I still did all of this when I was married. I did not get this sudden strength when I was single and I was forced to do these things. I don’t fall apart not having a man around me but I would be lying if I said I wouldn’t want a man to be chivalrous. I don’t expect my man to be the slave or suffer to let me know how much he cares about me. No, he has to be my companion.

The reason I stated that girl in the beginning of the post was to let you know that there are so many of these women who use feminism as a convenient point. Besides we are all the same aren’t we? Why such a difference between men and women? Why this constant struggle to prove that our gender needs importance? I don’t understand the concept some women have about these issues. Just like I don’t think every woman is a clone of a nurturing, caring, calm, motherly woman, I also don’t think every man out there is a beast who is ready to prove his manliness to the fairer sex. We are normal girls! We can be strong, we can be weak. We can be sad, we can be happy. We can be independent; we may want to be dependent. We may want to work; we may want to stay home! Why the constant scrutiny of these emotions. Why the continuous inspection and analysis about it. What surprises me the most is that it comes from us women? Most men I know neither have the time or the interest in assessing us the way we do it to our own gender.

There are women who are genuinely like the perfect caring, humble beings, but there are plenty of men like that too. And the annoying thing is that men don’t get judged if they aren’t but women do. And no one but we do it to our own gender. I wish we would just invest our energy and emotions on better values. On the other hand, all you men, if any of you are even reading my blog in the first place, stop thinking if we are independent we don’t have emotions and we are hairy legged monsters who hate men. NO we don’t 🙂

We are just people! Just people!


5 thoughts on “Men, women and ambiguity!

  1. hiee babes,beautifully put down just lk u always do…u r right,WOMEN CONDEMN WOMEN,its sad but surely the truth.if only women believed n EMANCIPATION more then LIBERATION.THEN WE WUD’NT have women like yr liberated one n also nt lyk dat hairy legged one!!!i wanna laugh dis out…..hehehehehehe.

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