On lonely nights…

On lonely nights,

Wrap those thoughts of love and longing

Smell the nostalgia so it takes

You to a place unknown

For once you were loved with passion

Unknown to mankind

When you feel lonely,

Ask for an extra pair of arms;

To hold you tight enough

And then you can smell the warmth

Drink hot chocolate,

When you feel the chill,

Hold on to the warm mug,

It is how they sell faith in a packet

When you realize,

Cavities are often found only in


Don’t lose any hope,

Smile at a stranger for he

Is your own, he has seen

The emptiness in those piercing eyes

Bond and solder, the emptiness of

The past and anger

At how bitter and short

Sometimes love can be

Pour all your sadness

Fill the hollows, cream to soothe all your

You will run out of words

For often they cheat you

When you want to speak out

Of life’s path to being fragile

You will lose yourself

In the maze of strangers

No words, yet a lot told.


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