C for Charlie – C for Childhood!!

Charlie  to K – “The world may find you undesirable and one day you may finally not feel guilty for it.”

K – “The world can never find you undesirable! There is just so much more than what we see, the addiction of being wanted my Charlie, that exists everywhere!” 🙂

C – “still I’ll bubble wrap this status so I can stop you from bursting mine.”

K – “Bubbles Baby – Ephemeral.”

C – “Bubbles, Buttercup, Blossom which one are you?”

K – “Buttercup with longer hair.”

And this is how smoothly, you and me, we have the ability to change serious conversations into simpler ones, to go back to the childish innocence and soft giggles. How easily we transition from the baggage of the past and how soon we recover. We forget the black and whites of the world. And some day we live in colour. There are days we look at only the gray. At the end of it all, we still talk. Words. Connect. Forever. This is why. We always use words, they mean a lot more. Sometimes just to you and me. The world stands there and stares as we enjoy the ride on our own personal merry-go-round. We will throw back our heads in the wind and laugh like we are in a transient. Because what we talk, our words, They will always have a deeper existence. Sometimes, just to you and me.



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