Life is strange. You never know what will trigger a thought process in your head and affect the heart. I received a message yesterday from my friend A that another common friend V and his friends had met with a terrible accident on their way from Mahabaleshwar. I was sitting at a cafe in Ahmedabad and took a while to digest that piece of information. Life is so unpredictable.

You, I had just heard so many stories from V about you. We never met. We were supposed to meet. Because V believed you could make anybody laugh. His friend from Surat, you could make me roll on the floor with laughter. You know how to live life and you know how to make memories and cherish the ones you have from the past. His buddy, his friend, his partner in crime, I just heard a million stories about biking in Ladakh and chilling in Surat. I still remember the expression of excitement on V’s face about how brilliant it would be for all of us to make a trip.  About how these guys (the gang you visited Ladakh with) wanted to re-live every moment of the adventure again. That evening, as we ate grilled sandwich sitting in the car on worli sea face, we planned the trip. You had no idea, the friend from Surat who makes the world laugh. You just had to be there.I am going through a phase in life when I end up paying extra attention to detail. About how sometimes you look to other people for positivity. That is what V did. When he shared you with us. I learnt a lesson from the way you lived life.

How easily we forget how unpredictable life is. How easily we sell memories these days! We auction our emotions and put them up for sale. We fight and argue for silly things and we live in this bubble that everything and everyone should be perfect. Sad. But. True.

It affects me to know that we will never meet. That the accident changed everyone’s lives forever. We were never connected directly but it has made a huge impact on me. May you rest in peace.



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