Sand Clock of Time!

Yes, there are those moments. I stand all by myself and I bathe in your memories. I let them shower me like a starving sky burst’s after a thick cloud. I feel the tear drops like the rain on soft leaves. I watch the open skies then, and I realize as I see the birds flying and seeking their freedom. That this is so much better.

Yes, there are those moments, I see the lines in my palms and question what they have in store. And then I dream of a time when one day, these hands will cup soft cheeks, and have their fingers intertwined with bigger warmer hands and I realize that destiny cannot be evaded. But then God is a lot more stronger. And I know. This is so much better.

What can people tell me? I already know. My life is meant for a different purpose. Something as pure as snow. Yes, the corners in my heart often twitch and worry. But after having been through the whole rigmarole in my mind I have come to realize. This is nothing but temporary. After all, nothing is permanent in this wide world. I kiss my beautiful thoughts to bed each night. For I know one day, someone will fill in those spaces.

And of course I know,

new memories will find their way,

the sky will clear soon enough!

There shall be a lot more than just

grayness and moisture!

Isn’t it just time that matters the most?

To achieve the evanescence of pain!

And that is when, this life starts again! Start a brand new sand clock of time!


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