Good things always come.

And I do not mean they always come after waiting for ages. They come when you are not looking for them. They sometimes even come differently packaged. Those people who get over pain in life, they do not get special things, gift-wrapped. They make the most of what they get. And they make it special. By this I don’t mean they take anything that comes their way. They just have this unique approach to life.  There are days when I feel that joy surrounds us. And it exists within us. There are times when you might have to look for it harder than before. But it re-surfaces.

I always tell my loved ones that I am God’s chosen one and I will always get what I want. Because I don’t wait for things to happen to me anymore. I don’t wait for things to not happen anymore. I take each moment and I relish it like I would sweet strawberry laced with chocolate.

As we brought this new year in, I had friends asking me what my big plans for 2011 are. Well, I had planned my whole life the day I married the dimpled boy. I don’t plan anymore. Because often life has this way of looking at you with a smirk and swaying the wand. By the time you realize what has happened, things have changed forever.

Then you are left with two choices. Either you accept change or you fight against it. Trust me, in most cases you will end up being a happier person if you accepted the choices life is throwing at your gracefully. I don’t think it shows any wrong on being passive and accepting change. It doesn’t say anything about your passion or intensity. In fact, it just shows how maturity has become more defined within you now.

SO tread on. Good things will come and wrap themselves around you on the way.All you must do is have faith in God. Besides, the beauty is always in the attempt to things.


One thought on “Good things always come.

  1. strange how we both were talking about similar things. I could completely relate to what you said that accepting change and i would add challenge is all about how maturity you have become and how evolved you are in your head and heart 🙂

    hugs as ever!

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