So this is what they tell us about fairy tales!

Cinderella was rescued by her prince and they were wed. The sleeping beauty was awakened by her one true love. Snow white returned to the palace to be married to her handsome prince.

And that is where exactly the fairy tale ends.

What they really forgot to tell normal people like you and me is that Cindrella started collecting shoes. She was obsessed. She decided she wanted to have every pair, every colour, every style in her closet. Thats when her marriage was on the rocks.

Sleeping beauty ignored everything around her and had to take medication to get over her sleep disorder. That made her prince feel neglected and angry.

Snow white was traumatized by her  poor little dwarf friends and their plight and she started focusing on running a non-profit for them. That made her powerful. It made her prince complexed.

He said he loved her. Then he stopped saying it. Life goes on. In these little insecurities we build. It goes on, in these little corners of our hearts where we forget to tell ourselves to look at the larger picture of love.

Maybe this is just how it is meant to be. Maybe that is why we get bored easily. Maybe that is why there is a need to look for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Maybe there is a rainbow. Maybe there isnt.

And one day it will be happily ever after! Maybe it will. Maybe it wont.




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