Random Goodness!

Finally bought my new laptop! And its blue! πŸ™‚

Found earrings I thought I had left at his place the day I walked out

I found old notes penned, not about him, not about us, but my inner-child

Found bagels at a city cafe πŸ™‚ Never mind they tasted horrible! I had five minutes of living in nostalgia about my times in D.C and I liked it!

Spoke to M after seven days and it was lovely listening to him settle in Florida!

I had a beautiful Sunday evening with company I like!

Had a dream where I was swimming in the ocean and I was not drowning!

I saw Jar Jar Binks on you tube and realised that Β I will always love him πŸ™‚

I went through the entire procedure at court (separation filing) smiling. And I was at peace.

I received a long email from a friend!

I am going to enroll myself in yoga classes!

I am going to indulge in hot lemon tea!

I indulged in a pedicure one afternoon at a salon with a friend! We chatted all afternoon and it was lovely! I also painted my nails purple!

The same afternoon I almost got green and purple hair extensions!!

Have just one freelance project but what makes it exciting is that I have to tap so Β many πŸ™‚

Read a really good book after months!

Goodness is life!


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