Hop and Hope!

Well, it is never as simple as just buying a ticket and going away to an unknown destination. Each one of us, we have to be around here, somewhere, look at life in its eye. Sometimes we also have to leave things unsaid. And leave portions of our lives, unclaimed. And you smile and you wait and you look around with rolling eyes. You want to make it sound like it is always okay.

So you may wonder, and yearn and want, but leave things unsaid. And sometimes that precise thing will open up deep inside and you know that you have set foot on a path that is going to be very difficult. And life beckons. And you wait all along. And realise, it is slipping away, beat by beat. And you wait for your turn to look for what really the purpose has been all this while.

And when you have always been truthful in a relationship, you well enough have the true freedom to sit there beside your heart and say “it feels good to have you beat in me”. And then there are moments when you realise you are not alone. You might have left alone, but really, somewhere on the way, you found a traveller.

And then you don’t want to pick up the remains of your past or love life anymore. You turn around and you smile and you look for candy floss and hope. And you will hasten back and you might one day find someone, to lie down next to you. And you may spend hours on end with that person talking about random things and bicker about the world and and speak of lost love and tears. And you will realize that you are happy because you have laughed so loud with them.

And all you can ask for from that person is nothing but time. Because as you sit in each other’s company, to realise, this is life, it is passing away beat by beat. And yes, you think of hope. Sweet, candied, with sugar crystals on it, I call it hope.


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