Sometimes working towards elusive dreams can become a difficult task at twenty eight. When you wake up in the morning and decide to start a fresh day, things seem normal until you realise things are happening so fast. It is like a rat race. And where is this rat race taking me? I wish i knew. An angry heart only wakes up in a flurry to know he has to end the entire days work by morning itself. A lonely heart gets know that its another day without someone to look at and something to smile about. A happy heart in turn feels sad, for the happy day is is going to be just another normal day.

Progressing to do what..? Nobody knows and nobody will know. This is the impact of speed at which we are working. It seems that the very essence for which we have spent our lives working and thinking has made nothing come out of us, except for the path to achievement by defiance of the truth, by defiance of law, by defiance of the soul that guards us in Life and Death, only because the end is the only thing that matters.

Like this evening, I wanted to spend time with my mom, I wanted to have coffee with a friend,I wanted to cuddle in bed and read a book, I wanted to go shopping for books, I wanted to watch a movie, wanted to try a new pasta recipe SIGH!! I have so many tasks to complete and so many things to do..There are so many more places to see.Sometimes the mere fact that I have so many things to do makes me all jumbled in my head. Sometimes it makes me so jumbled that I end up feeling lost and unable to do anything.  We are greedy, aren’t we? Very greedy. We want everything. and we want it just the way we decide, just the way we thought and just when we think we should get it.

I am only happy that when you feel its the end, you realise its the beginning and there are people to guide you through the rest…

And that you have tomorrow morning to start again!


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