Sun beam and all the beauty!

I am rushing through bits of life right now. I am trying to for the first time, build something of my own. I am trying to work towards fitting this puzzle together and look for playfulness within me while I do so. Yes, it is never easy. Some days pass sooner than the others. Some evenings happier than the others.
I wake up to realize that I have to rush through another day trying to fit the pieces together and I find warmth in things I never noticed before. The sun beam falling on my floor is way too beautiful to ignore some mornings. It reminds me of the warmth and beauty of simpler things in life. And then I want time to stop and not rush. And I realize that I need to draw more inspiration from my own heart. I am going to have to look deep within and find it somewhere. And when I think I have reached a space where I cannot describe in words, what my heart feels, is when the jigsaw puzzle will be in put together.
Until then, I am standing here in the zephyr, smiling at strangers.

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