To all of you. For you and me, we are part of similar journeys. Somewhere, we find common ground, hope and faith. We never forget through our trials, our playfulness, our innocent smiles. For all of you, who have made me stronger and who make me believe. It would have been easy, to learn lessons of deceit and anger, of negative emotions and unforgiveness. But you make me look for hope. Sweet, candied, like sugar crystals on it, I call it hope. And you give that to me. So, to all of us, the Lightbabies!

We are Lightbabies

Golden Grace,

Wings, meant to Fly.

We are delicate, and pregnant

with goodness.

We are each made of such a quiet,

that the entire Universe

can hear us.

There is only the unfolding, the opening,

ever happening.

All else are thoughts –

lollipops for the mind.

We are Lightbabies,

parading as


– Em Claire


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