Picture Speaks Louder than Words!

I have a really close friend who is a photographer. Usually we end up spending time together and talking about everything that affects us. In short, we share our experiences, daily happenings etc. Except that I do most of the talking. So that boils down to the fact that I talk, he listens. Sometimes, he smiles wider than other times, sometimes I see a frown as a reaction. And as you might have already realized, he really is the quiet types. So this morning I ranted away about my theories of singledom and what I think should be the one way to get sleazy singles out of the system. I waited for a while for his reply on the messenger while we were talking and all I got at the end was, Aahhaaa!!

My response to Aahaa! – “You take a picture speaks louder than a 1000 words very seriously
thats why you are a photographer and rarely have words”
His response to that – LOL



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