Yourself: Alive
Your partner: Still awaiting him
Your hair: Long and straight
Your mother: Coping with post accident trauma but cheerful
Your father: Latest Best Cook at home/My rock
Your favorite item: My blackberry phone
Your dream last night: I hardly slept
Your favorite drink: Malibu with Pineapple
Your dream home: Will be on an island
The room you are in: Is my cub-hole, my favourite
Your ex: was addicted to being pretentious
Your fear: loneliness
Where you want to be in ten years: Up on a couch, relaxing, having a coffee
Who you hung out with last night: My favourite people
What you’re not: very hungry
Muffins: Can’t eat, too high in calories
One of your wish list items: More books!
Time: Is passing beat by beat
The last thing you did: changed into comfortable clothes
What you are wearing: Tracks and Tee
Your favorite weather: Winter!
Your favorite book: Cannot be one!
Last thing you ate: Watermelon
Your life: Has changed for the better!
Your mood: Happy!
Your best friends: Are people I cannot live without!
What are you thinking about right now: A friend in Europe since he just sent me a text
Your car: is blue and has a very funny reverse horn in it! hee hee!
What are you doing at the moment: Typing this
Your summer: Is here!!!
Relationship status: Single!
What is on your tv: Turned off
What is the weather like: Hot and Dry
When is the last time you laughed: Fifteen minutes ago!


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